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Analog was born in Buenos Aires as a vinyl event in 2015, extending later to editions in other cities of Argentina and Europe such as Paris, Berlin and Leipzig. It was created by the need to have a sound experience, akin to the sensation of listening to the crackling noise of the needle on the vinyl. This idea eventually led to the printing of the first Analog vinyl in Berlin (May/2017), including tracks by its founder Mirnha (ARG). It continues to produce a new vinyl, year after year, and already has numerous digital EPs offered in online music stores.

Analog Records doesn´t want to be tied to one particular genre, but it seeks particular sounds, both intense and delicate, spacey and groovy sounds with few lyrics. For Analog, music has to be a trip. And, above all, it has to be music. This is why it was created as an independent cultural movement for artists the world over who want to travel with their music.

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